We've just launched NEW Protein Pancakes!!

December 26, 2016


We’ve just launched our NEW Range of Protein Pancakes, available in Cacao, Coconut & Maca, and Cinnamon!
They’re made with an Almond Meal & Buckwheat base, with Organic Brown Rice Protein and Organic Black Bean powder. They’re 100% gluten free, with no added sugars or sweeteners, and as with all our products, they’ve got no nasties, no additives, no preservatives.

When I launched KOJA in 2013, I created our “Toppers” because I wanted to make a positive impact on the health of all Australians. After working in the supplement industry and getting to know the food industry more closely, I realised that so much of what we consume is devoid of the natural nutrition we really need. Worse still, health products are often packed full of sugar, additives, preservatives and synthetic ingredients that our bodies don’t need. I set out to change that.


Our KOJA Breakfast & Salad Toppers are a simple way to add real nutrition to each day, by adding just 2 Tbs to your breakfast or salads. They’re packed full of natural vitamins & minerals, they’re ideal for improving digestion, bowel health and to help reduce inflammation in the body. Expanding our range to Protein Pancakes has been inspired by the quote…

“Create the products you wish existed”

I started making these protein pancakes as a weekend treat but I quickly got addicted. They’re healthy enough that you can eat them everyday! I find them super satisfying and great for keeping my blood sugar levels steady for hours. I know I’m getting a good dose of protein (more than 15 grams per serve) and there’s less than 2g of naturally occurring sugars per serve (in 3 pancakes).

Starting the day with Protein is essential our bodies to build and maintain lean muscle mass. A healthy protein intake is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Protein is used in our bodies to grow healthy & strong hair, skin and nails. We also use protein to make enzymes and it’s key for hormone production. It really is essential for every day health!

Our Protein Pancake blends tick ALL the boxes!
  1. They’re Sugar free – No sugar, and we mean it. No coconut sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no ‘natural’ sweeteners, no dried fruit, nothing! We’ve used ingredients with natural sweet tones such as desiccated coconut, organic black bean powder and organic maca powder to give these mixes a mild sweet touch. We believe the best way to eat these pancakes is served with a serve of natural sweetness from banana or fresh berries.
  2. They’re Gluten free – By excluding wheat and gluten products, we’re able to increase the nutritional profile of the pancakes. They’re also easier to digest for most people as gluten sensitivities become more and more prevalent.
  3. Easy to make – Making healthy food can sometimes take a bit of extra time, but not with these KOJA protein pancake mixes! Tip the contents of one bag into a bowl, add 100ml of any milk (we love almond milk) and 1 free-range egg (or ½ mashed banana for vegans) Whisk, cook in coconut oil, flip and serve. Makes 6 pancakes, serves 2 for breakfast or serves 3 as a snack.
  4. They’re Dairy free – I’m a big believer in plant-based sources of protein. As you might’ve guessed with KOJA… nuts are one of my favourites. With an almond meal base in these pancakes we’re getting the natural protein from almonds. I’ve also sourced an organic brown rice protein powder and an organic black bean powder. These two ingredients pack a powerful protein punch, and best of all they’re plant-based. Compared to whey (cow’s dairy), plant based protein is much better for our environment and of course doesn’t require animal farming. For our own health, those of us with sensitive digestives systems will also appreciate the plant-based proteins over whey proteins, as they’re much gentler on our tummies.

To get your hands on our new Protein Pancakes, click the Shop KOJA Now button below or click here


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