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Salad Topper - Sesame & Almond

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Our Salad Toppers take the hassle out of getting enough of the good stuff in your daily diet. Just add a couple of tablespoons to your meal and you can rest easy, knowing you’re treating your body to the powerful benefits of locally sourced superfoods.

Our Salad Toppers are packed full of good fats, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C and protein to help you maintain a balanced diet, without sacrificing on flavour.

Sale Stock is Best Before Date: 14/04/2019

The Sesame & Almond Salad Topper is a highly nutritious mix of slow-toasted Australian almonds, for protein and fibre, and calcium-rich sesame seeds. You can snack right out of the box or sprinkle over a salad or stir-fry to give your meal a nutritious boost for overall health.
Sprinkle on simple salads or head to our recipes page for more ideas.
Organic Almonds, Black Sesame Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Organic Rice Malt Syrup, Organic Tamari, Rock Salt