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Complete KOJA Collection


Looking for the perfect gift for someone? Or maybe a treat for yourself? (You’ve earned it!) We’ve got you covered with our Complete KOJA Collection.

Give your loved ones the gift of good health with decadent, irresistible treats that are gluten free, vegan and low in sugar – and all lovingly made in Melbourne, using carefully sourced ingredients.


    What's in the pack?
    Our yummy Breakfast Toppers in three flavours, bursting with vitamins and minerals to get the day started right:
    Almond & Berry, Fig & Hazelnut, Chia Seed & Coconut

    The full range of our delicious, super easy to make and completely sugar-free Protein Pancakes:
    Coconut & Maca, Cacao, Cinnamon

    Our 3 deliciously crunchy Salad Toppers take the hassle out of getting enough of the good stuff in your daily diet:
    Chilli Coconut & Pecan, Sesame & Almond, Pumpkin Seed & Cranberry

    And both of our best selling Natural Peanut Butter Protein Bars:
    Choc Chip Crunch and Peanut Caramel
    All products are made with 100% Gluten Free and Vegan Ingredients.

    For specific Ingredient lists please see individual products.
    Get your health back on track:

    Start the day with Natural yoghurt, fresh fruit and KOJA Breakfast Toppers.

    Include Salad Toppers in your day by sprinkling on top of simple salads. Or impress this season with gourmet salad platters.

    Carry our Protein Bars with you to make sure you've always got a healthy snack on hand.

    Treat yourself and the family this weekend with healthy sugar free Protein Pancakes.