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About KOJA


Here at KOJA Health HQ, we believe eating good food is the most important aspect of your health and there’s no pill or magic powder to replace good food. 

Koja Health was founded because for many of us, health is the most important aspect of our lives. If we’re not healthy it affects us every day in so many different ways. Our founder has known for a long time that she wanted to make a positive impact on the health of all Australians.

We looked at the growing trends that showed that many Australians were turning to pills, tablets, and powders in search of a healthier life. This made us ponder… why would we be taking synthetic vitamins and synthetic minerals manufactured and processed in laboratories when the real thing literally grows on trees? And it’s sooo much better for us. So Koja was born.


Meet Kate - Founder of Koja Health

"Welcome to and thanks for stopping by!

I started Koja because I was tired of seeing so many excessively processed foods available, and I constantly found products that appeared healthy but as soon as you read the ingredient list you were hit with numbers, fillers, preservatives and other nasties. All that stops here. We need to return to eating wholefoods and mostly plant-based – this is what I call Real Food.

I’m also interested in the connection between our health and how we live our lives, truly believing that we need to be physically healthy in order to be happy and emotionally healthy."

Koja’s product range is based on maximum nutrient density, plant-based foods that are delicious, indulgent and easy to add to your day.

Kate’s number 1 hate: Fast Food/Junk Food- particularly when it’s marketed to kids and families

Kate’s next life goal: More Travel, Meeting people from around the world


Our Health Philosophy

1. Eat real food

Lots of wholefoods, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, wholegrains. When you can, buy from local shops, farmers markets or at the very least know what’s in the food you eat.

2. Cut the processed food products

Too much salt, too much sugar and poor quality ingredients are used to make these products. Think fast food chains and packaged products with long lists of ingredients and preservatives. It’s not good for you.

3. Enjoy food

Know where it comes from and how it’s been cooked or prepared before you decide to eat it. Share cooking and eating with your friends and family. Even better, grow your own vegetables or visit a farm to understand your food better. 

4. Relax

Find time to chill out and do the things you enjoy. Manage your stress levels and look for the positives in everyday. Your emotional state will affect the way your body digests food, and digestion is possibly the most important aspect of your health.