In a perfect world we would always eat a balanced diet but in reality we're busy and sometimes we don't make the healthiest choices. Adding KOJA to your day can reduce inflammation in the body, improve digestion and bowel health. It’s slow releasing energy will keep you sustained for hours and is also ideal for diabetes management and weight loss as the full range provides a good source of healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer.

KOJA provides a simple way to nourish your body and support your nutritional needs, naturally.


Which KOJA mix is for me?

The great thing about KOJA being real food is that anyone can eat any KOJA mix! Find your favourite or if you can't decide, try one of our value packs

Our Breakfast Toppers

KOJA Almond & Berry - Our Daily Multi Vitamin Blend: A mildly sweet mix of nuts, seeds, superfoods and berries. Great for anyone looking to increase their daily nutrition intake. It’s perfect for breakfast or an afternoon energy boost. High in antioxidants to nourish your body.

Almond & Berry is our most popular product, but be warned some customers love it so much that they say they're addicted!

KOJA Chia Seed & Coconut - Our Protein Blend: This mix is fruit free so it’s very low in sugar and high in protein and healthy fats. There are sweet tones from flavours like raw organic cacao powder and also organic shredded coconut and coconut flakes. Like all our KOJA blends, it’s great for men and women. If you’re working out regularly or you want to maintain your muscle mass then protein is essential in your day.   

KOJA Fig & Hazelnut - Our Iron Blend: KOJA Fig & Hazelnut is a great way to top up your iron intake. One serve contains about 40% of men’s daily iron needs, and 20% of women’s. Most people don't get enough iron from the foods we eat but Koja Iron is great way to top up. What makes it delicious is the blend of crushed whole figs with raw organic cacao powder to create little bites of rich heaven in every mouthful. 


Are they Gluten Free, Vegan or Paleo?

Sure are! All our toppers are 100% gluten free, vegan and paleo with no added preservatives or other nasties!


Are they Sugar Free?

KOJA Breakfast Toppers are completely free of sweeteners or any added or refined sugars. The mild sweet flavour comes naturally from organic cacao, cinnamon or dried fruit.   


How do I eat it?

How to build the perfect breakfast in just 3 steps with KOJA:

1. Choose your base, our favourite is natural yoghurt.
(Alternative options: Porridge, Coconut Yoghurt, Smoothies or Chia Pudding.)
2. Add a serve of fresh fruit. Berries or Banana are our favourites.
3. Add 2 tablespoons of KOJA and enjoy!

KOJA has been designed to be a versatile product, so what ever you love to eat, you can hopefully find a way to add KOJA to it. For recipes and ideas see our recipe page. Also check out our Instagram and Facebook for more ideas.

How much should I eat?

Just 2 tablespoons (30 grams) a day! This doesn’t sound like much, but remember KOJA is made from superfoods - so they’re super nutrient dense and you don’t need much to keep you satisfied and for your body to absorb all the nutrition you need.

For younger kids we recommend a slightly smaller serving, 20 grams on a daily basis.