Simple Immunity Tips for everyone

Do you want to feel energetic as the seasons change? Boosting your Immune defence starts now..  with these simple Dos and Don'ts

Our Immune system is amazingly complex and comprises of our digestion system, cells, tissues and organs in our body working together to prevent infection. The immune system’s function is to protect and defend our bodies. When we talk about strengthening our immune system, the goal we’re actually trying to achieve is to Feel Better and to be sick less often. We all agree, feeling sick, tired and run down is the worst. As the weather starts to cool down and the seasons change, we can find ourselves at risk of colds, flus or just a general feeling of exhaustion.


What about Supplements?
There’s no end to the number of companies claiming to have a vitamin or a supplement to help prevent colds and flus. But are these pills really doing anything to help… or are they just a waste of money?
If you look at any vitamin or nutrition supplement in Australia, the label and advertising will say “Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.” Here at KOJA we smile every time we read that, because it’s just saying there’s nothing better than real food! And that’s exactly what we think.
Here at KOJA, we believe health should be simple. We’re not fans of fads or products with quick fix claims. Our mission at KOJA is to create authentically healthy products to make us feel better. We strongly believe that Real Food makes us Feel Better. And it’s that simple.
So how can you support your immune system as the seasons change? We recommend you keep it simple, with our dos and don’ts. Follow most of these and we’re sure you’ll have all the energy you need to bounce through the next few months feeling great!

  • DO prioritise rest and managing your stress levels. If you work during the day, focus on doing something after work to relax you and to allow your mind to rest in the evenings.
  • DO focus on your vitamin & mineral intake – the best way to do this is with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. See our Top 3 nutrients for Immunity below.
  • DO keep up your regular exercise- or try a different exercise if it’s getting too dark to jog in the evening, maybe head to the pool for laps instead.
  • DO aim to sleep around 7 to 8 hours per night
  • DO scale back on the social events and allow some time for yourself.
  • DO eat 2 tablespoons of KOJA Multivitamin Toppers every day. This wouldn’t be a KOJA blog post if we didn’t remind you that every blend of KOJA has over 25 vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are essential for your immune system.
  • Don't drink too much alcohol. Even 4-6 standard drinks on a Saturday night will put a strain on your body and have you feeling off for a few days.
  • Don’t think that popping a handful of supplements but not eating good food will give your body the nutrition it needs. The fibre, protein and healthy fats in real, wholefoods are unbeatable and supplements don’t even come close. Plus, did you know there’s actually no research to show whether or not supplements work on decreasing the risk of colds and flus- don’t waste your money.
  • Don’t think that a few cigarettes on the weekend won’t do any harm. Even a couple each week are filling your body with toxins you don’t need. There’s only one answer to smoking… NO.
  • Don’t gain weight in winter. We know it can be tough but being overweight will weaken your immune system and you’ll only be working harder in Spring to drop the kgs before summer. Aim to maintain a healthy and constant weight all year round.

One last reminder…
The best thing you can do for your Immune system is maintain general good health. Immunity weakens with age so it’s even more important as we age to ensure we’re leading a healthy lifestyle.

These are the 3 nutrients we recommend focusing on for your Immune System this time of year. As always, Real Food sources are best for your body:

Zinc - Found in all our Breakfast & Salad Toppers. We also recommend wholefoods like chickpeas, oysters, yoghurt and chicken. 

Vitamin C - Found in KOJA Almond & Berry and Fig & Hazelnut. Best sources are fresh fruit like oranges, berries & kiwi fruit and fresh veggies such as Capscium, Dark Leafy Greens, Broccoli and Tomatoes. 

Vitamin E - Found in all our Breakfast & Salad Toppers. We also recommend Avocados and Spinach, Kale and Broccoli. 

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