5 New Years Resolutions NOT To Make This Year!

Raise your hand if you've set yourself a New Years Resolution! Well, it turns out you are alongside the other 80% (give or take) of Australians that have also committed to a 2022 pledge. Chances are you've thought to yourself - what do I need more of, and what do I need less of and made a few lifestyle goals to help make it happen. 

The most common resolutions we set ourselves are centred around weight loss, exercising, diet, money, self-care, organisation and hobbies - amongst many others of course. 

Whether you've dabbled with resolutions or not, we are here to tell you that the most popular ones you set yourself - or have thought about setting yourself could actually be pointing you towards defeat. 

To help make your year a healthy one (and a happy one), here are 5 New Years Resolutions NOT to set yourself, and what you can do instead to change your mindset and mentality about your aspirations for the year ahead. 

1. Lose Weight 

The admiration to lose weight isn't uncommon. If you have the desire to lose a few kg's, that is totally fine, what we are more so concerned with is how you go about it. 

Instead of focusing on restrictive behaviours such as cutting out food groups and worrying solely on the number on the scales, switch your intention to implementing healthier behaviours such as eating more whole-foods, eating less processed foods, moving your body and drinking more water - we promise this is a more sustainable approach to healthy weight loss than any fad diet. 

And remember, healthy is not a size.

2. Get Abs 

No shame if you've dreamt of a 6 pack, who hasn't?! The truth is, exercising with the objective to obtain a stomach that you could grate cheese on just isn't realistic, or enjoyable for that matter. 

By all means, incorporate core exercises into your workout routine, but when it comes to exercise (and maintaining it for that matter), you will get the most out of moving your body by simply partaking in activities that you actually enjoy. If you enjoy doing it, it won't seem like a chore. 

You don't have to thrash yourself in the gym to be fit or healthy! 

3. Eat 'Clean' 

Eating clean sounds great in theory - but what most of us don't realise is that eating clean is actually a diet in disguise and restricts us from eating foods that we enjoy. What we know from the research is that failing to include our favourite foods in our diet can actually lead to poor eating habits and a negative relationship with food. Instead of focusing on only eating foods that are deemed to be 'clean', switch your focus to positive (and realistic) eating behaviours, for example: 

  • Ensuring 1/2 of your plate at each main meal is filled with vegetables 
  • Aiming for at least 2 pieces of fruit every single day 
  • Limiting discretionary options (foods high in fat, sugar and salt) to 1-2 times per day and/or a smaller serving size
  • Swapping an animal-based protein source for a plant-based protein source 3 times per week 

4. Spend less time on your phone 

Spending less time on our devices is something that we should all be aiming to do. We love this resolution, but think it needs some work. 

Committing to less time scrolling the gram is great, just make sure you've got activities up your sleeve to replace those endless hours spent in the online world. 

Instead of committing to less screen time, change your resolution to focus on the replacement activity - e.g. 'read more books', 'walk for 30 minutes per day' etc. This will indirectly result in less time attached to your phone, and will be well worth it for your mental and physical health too.

5. Be more organised 

Aiming to be more organised is a wonderful resolution, and doesn't seem all that far fetched for most of us. Being organised often equates to being more productive and therefore getting more stuff done, which means we can spend more time doing the things we love. It's a yes from us!

Again, it all comes down to how you plan your goals in order to achieve your resolution. Organisation is a topic that is very broad, so try breaking it down more succinctly. Swap 'be more organised' for these resolutions instead: 

  • Plan meals and shop for food in bulk 
  • Set aside 10 minutes at the end of each working day to do the washing 
  • Keep a diary and write a to-do list at the start of each day (on your phone works fine, however we prefer the good ol' pen and paper situation) 
  • Don't be afraid to say no - if it's not a hell yes, it should be a heck no! Focus on what matters to you and spend time doing that instead.

As you can see, resolutions can be enjoyable, opportunistic and sustainable. Who would have thought?! At the end of the day, it all comes down to setting yourself small achievable goals that are realistic and do what works for you! 

As always, we would love to learn more about YOU and your New Years Resolutions - keep in touch with the KOJA team by commenting below. 

Here's to a fabulous 2021 friends.