Staying Healthy On-The-Go


We’re leading busier and busier lives and often when we’re in a rush, we don’t make the healthiest choices. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for staying healthy while on-the-go…
    1. Get some fresh air

      Just 5-10 minutes of fresh air can help to clear your mind and be an instant mood booster, especially if you’re stressed. It’s tempting to stay inside and power through your huge to-do-list but breathing in all that stale air isn’t doing you any favours.

    2. Stay Hydrated

      It’s so easy to forget to drink water when you’re really busy, but you’ll find your mind is much sharper when you’re hydrated. We love sipping on herbal tea or adding fresh fruit to water to make it taste great!

    3. Keep healthy snacks on hand

      Prepare some snacks the night before you can keep at work, in your car or in your bag. When you don’t have anything healthy on hand, it’s easy to give into the temptation of sugary processed snacks that are strategically placed in some cafes, supermarkets and office lunchrooms.

      Snacks we love:
      -KOJA and natural or coconut yoghurt
      -Veggie sticks and hummus
      - Superfood Balls

    4. Breathe!

      You’ve probably got a million important things you want to get done but try and take a moment for yourself to take a few deep breaths and focus on the present moment. This will help you stay calm, focused and be more productive.

    5. Prepare meals

      When you’re rushing out the door on the way to work or school it’s tempting to grab something while you’re out and about but often that’s when we don’t make the healthiest choices.
      Take a few minutes each night to prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day. You could even make batch of overnight oats or a big salad and put them into individual jars or containers so you can just grab and go!

    Check out some of our favourite on-the-go recipes:

    -Chia Pudding
    -Shredded Veggie Salad with Coconut & Lime Dressing
    -Choc Banana Overnight Oats
    -Mint & Rice Noodle Salad
    -Protein Smoothie