Running Fit- Our Interview With Natalie Moore

You don’t have to be training for a marathon to reap the benefits of going for a run. It’s a great way to de-stress and keep active. Plus now the weather’s warming up, it’s the perfect time to get out into the fresh air! We caught up with Founder of Running Fit Box, Natalie Moore to find out her running tips and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle whilst balancing a business and motherhood.


Tell us a bit about where your health journey began.

I have always been fairly health conscious and have eaten all foods in moderation, but a couple of years ago I decided to quit sugar and that made a big impact on my life. Honestly, it wasn't ideal for me, as I had lost a lot of weight - I am quite petite to begin with so this took a bit of management for me to get the balance right. It did teach me about the amount of sugar in everyday foods that I had never taken notice of. So today I have a better balance in foods and particularly those that are good for my running and training.


What's your day on a plate?

Most mornings I start the day with Weet Bix, strawberries and KOJA protein blend sprinkled on top with milk - this has become a bit of a tradition for my daughter and I.
I love a good smoothie for morning tea, which is either fruit or vegetable based with coconut water or almond milk. 
If I am still hungry by late morning, I will have an apple or a protein health bar and a green tea. Lunch normally consists of a tuna salad or rye sourdough sandwich with avocado and salad. Afternoon tea is a handful of almonds or a nuts pack. My go to dinner is baked salmon with a basil pesto, broccolini and sweet potato. Having a 2 year old daughter, I am always conscious that she has a good serving of protein and veg every night. 

What are your top tips for starting or getting back into running?  

I speak purely from my personal experience, I am not a running coach. But I know when I started running, that it was about doing small distances and at a slow and steady pace. When I started I would do a combination of running and walking to help build up that cardio fitness until one day I was able to run further then I ever had. The best advise I got given when I started running was to run at a pace that still allowed me to comfortably talk, so that meant I was puffed out and I could maintain good rhythm and technique whilst running. 


Why did you start Running Fit Box?

I created an Instagram account and I was blown away by how big the running community is. I knew people loved running but I never knew the magnitude on social media. Further to this, I was discovering new products and businesses that I had never seen or heard of and I thought why have I not tried these products for my own training. I was familiar with the subscription box concept and I thought this was a perfect way to incorporate my passion for running with these awesome products. And it meant that I could connect other runners out there with these products also. Through this, my plan is to encourage and motivate others to get out and run and hopefully getting a monthly box of running goodies will drive that motivation. Through my own running journey I want to convey how mentally, emotionally and physically rewarding running is.  


What inspires you? 

Seeing other people push their mind, body and soul beyond their expectations - my husband who takes on Ironman events, my daughter who is now a toddler take on new challenges and friends or strangers who have chased their dreams and smashed their goals. I love hearing of stories where people have achieved things they only thought was impossible. It inspires me to encourage others do the same. 



Running Fit Box is about creating a community where like-minded people can be part of a wider group. Where you can get access to a range of different products to try each quarter as part of your training and recovery.