Our Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving


Before you start your Christmas Shopping this year...

Are you dreading the crowds and rush at the shops this December? Does the thought of running around like a maniac and maxing out credit cards make your stomach turn? We want you to take a moment to think about what's really important this time of year.

We believe the focus should be on spending time with friends and family, and finding unique ways to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. This doesn't have to mean spending hours in shopping centres, and we've got some ideas below to help with unique gift ideas. 

Unfortunately it seems as though Christmas has become a season that’s focused on buying material objects. As soon as the word ‘Christmas’ is mentioned in conversation, people usually say, “Oh I haven’t done my shopping yet!”

While giving and receiving gifts can of course be a really enjoyable part of the Christmas season, we want to bring the focus back to your friends and family and the people you appreciate this year.
When you choose a gift for someone, take the time to really think about them and the things that they love and what means the most to them. It’s more important to spend time, effort and love on those closest to you. Keep this in mind before you find yourself wandering aimlessly around the shops and just buying something for the sake of it.


Here’s some thoughtful ideas to get you inspired...


Take your partner/friend/loved one on a date 
Instead of buying something for each other, why not plan a special day/night and choose activities or places you know will mean something to them. Visit a special restaurant or find a beautiful park or garden to have a picnic in, spend the day on a secluded beach, explore the city, hire some kayaks or stand-up paddle boards and tour the waterways, find an authentic little cafe serving exotic cuisines you’ve never tried before, go for a beautiful bush walk, or even a luxurious weekend away- the list is absolutely endless! 
BONUS = you get to enjoy the present yourself as well!

Have a dinner party or picnic with friends
This one’s lots of fun! Instead of worrying about presents for all your friends, invite them over for a lunch or dinner and make it a kris kringle or no presents. Ask everyone who comes along to bring a dish with them to share. You can host at home or visit a local park or beach for a picnic style party. Serve healthy platters and large, colourful salads that everyone can enjoy. All you need is good food, good company and maybe a bit of music! If you’re looking for more ways to health-ify your party, take a look at some of our tips here.
Handwrite a beautiful note or card
We’re thinking more than just a Christmas card saying “Merry Christmas! Love from…”.
Take the time to write a really heartfelt, handwritten message to a loved one. This is even more meaningful and special than any present.
Make a photo book
This one is very thoughtful as well. Gather old photos, collecting your favourites and putting them together in a book. With everything on Facebook and Instagram, it's a really special gesture to make something so thoughtful to keep. There’s plenty of online photo book programs to help you design one, or make your own along with handwritten notes and any other meaningful quotes or in-jokes with your friends. 

Give a hand-picked bunch of flowers or a plant
Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers?! A bunch of natives or anything you choose can make a great option for a work colleague or someone you don't know very well. Another option is an indoor plant, or a small herb garden. And the best part is, it will remind them of you every time they see it!

Healthy Handmade Treats
Many of us tend to overindulge this time of year, so the last thing we need is more sugary treats or processed foods. Instead of grabbing the generic box of chocolates, choose something healthy and delicious that you know your friend will love. There are countless recipes out there for healthy treats you can make for your loved ones and pop in a nice jar or box.

Need some ideas? Look no further than these babies- they're sure to get your tastebuds tingling! 

More recipes….

We hope this has inspired you to think outside the box this year and get a little more creative and thoughtful with your gifts- and have fun while doing so! 

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One Last Thought...
Have a quick think about this- Where are you buying your presents from? Is your money going to a large overseas corporation, or is it going to local Australian businesses. You can make a big difference to a small business owner's day by choosing their company over the large corporations. If you have the time this season, head to a local market and see where your money is really making a difference.

Buying direct from a small business also gives you opportunity to learn the story behind their products which is a lovely added touch to pass on to whoever you’re giving the gift to. Some of my favourite small businesses are: Bake Mixes - Healthy Baking Mixes, Babs BodyCare - Natural Skin Care products and Made with Raw Love - Handmade Raw Chocolates.